AFSE Model Congress

Whats so special about Model Congress?

Model Congress, our team that began in 2016, has been home to many talented students aiming to succeed, debate, and have fun. It provides opportunity for any student to familiar themselves with how our government works and acquire speaking skills .

How can I join AFSE Model Congress?

If you are interested in joining and are a student at AFSE, meetings are either during our set time of 3:20 to 4:45 in room 341 on Wednesdays or first advisory/lunch on Thursdays.

Whats with “The Golden Year” of AFSE Model Congress?

Dubbed “The Golden Year”, the 2018-2019 Model Congress season marks the third year of AFSE Model Congress.

Describe Model Congress in 30 seconds!

Model Congress gives students a chance to engage in a role-playing simulation of the United States Congress. Model Congress provides students with a chance to debate a variety of relevant topics. Delegates write bills and debate many of the issues which are nationally pertinent today. Most of all, students are able to express their own views and opinions on what they think are the most important issues facing the country, and hear what their peers have to say about them.

Any other remarks to add?

If you have any questions please contact President Alexander J Satin via email at , or in person.